We manufacture a range of flower stem clips and decorative plant ties.  Our clips and ties are meant to be used any place where twist ties are normally used to secure a flower stem or plant to a bamboo, plastic or metal stake.  Some of our clips work best on large diameter stakes while others are best on the smaller diameter ones. The illustrations below demonstrate how the clips work and which is best for certain size stakes and stems.


Customers have told us how well the decorative clips have helped the sales of orchids in their store. We would expect you to have the same experience when you use our clips to prep plants for retail display. Any order you place will have our careful and immediate attention.


Bee Clips
Bee clips are slightly larger than dragonfly clips.  The bee clips fit bamboo stakes when they are clipped in the body parts and wire size stakes when clipped at their legs.  The clipping to the stake prevents pressure from hurting the flower stem.
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assorted colors; 500pcs/bag (5,000pcs/case) ; min. order: 1 case
Dragonfly Clips
ABS dragonflies, assorted colors, 500pcs/bag (5,000pcs/case); min. order: 1 case
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dragonfly clip is our most popular item
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PS dragonflies, assorted colors, 500pcs/bag (5,000pcs/case); min. order: 1 case

Dragonfly clips are available made from ABS plastic and from PS plastic.  The ABS clips are more flexible.  However, the colors are not as translucent and vibrant as the PS plastic dragonfly clips.  We do have ABS plastic dragonfly clip colors that are fluorescent.  In both cases the clips are durable and will last a long time as we use stainless steel spring material.  The ABS will normally last a bit longer.  Please specify when ordering if you want the ABS or the PS material.  

Butterfly Clips
assorted colors; 500pcs/bag (5,000pcs/case); min. order: 1 case
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Daisy Clips
small size daisy clips; 500pcs/bag (10,000pcs/case); min. order: 1 case
small daisy clips; 20pcs/pack (500packs/case); min. order: 1 case
two sizes for daisy clips - small & large
large size daisy clips; green only; 500pcs/bag (10,000pcs/case); min. order: 1 case

Daisy clips are the most durable plant clips.  They can be used indoors or outside in the garden or nursery.  The Daisy clips withstand exposure to sunshine and water for a long time.  The construction of the small daisy clip is such that the clip can be clamped to a wire and the 'fingers' that go around the flower or plant stem will not crush.  The pressure is only against the wire support or stake.  The larger size daisy clip will clamp against the standard bamboo stake and will hold stems as large as a Cymbidium spike.

Vine or Cymbidium Clips
vine or Cym. clips; green only; 200pcs/bag (2,000pcs/case); min. order: 1 case
vine or Cym. clips; 15pcs/pack (100packs/case); min. order: 1 case
Ladybug Plant Ties
ladybug twist ties: 10pcs/pack or 50pcs/pack
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copper tape: 15ft x 1 1/4 in.
Copper's electrical properties repel slugs and snails and is recommended as a barrier by the University of Hawaii and the Hawaii State Agriculture Department for use on plant bench legs to prevent mollusks from climbing to the plants. The United States Department of Agriculture requires that phalaenopsis orchids that are to be exported from Taiwan to the United States in media must be grown on benches with copper bands on all legs.  Our copper banding tape is economical and easy to use and avoids the use of chemicals to control mollusks. It has an adhesive backing for fixing to trees, planters, pots, patio furniture, pet dishes, bench legs, etc. A roll of tape is 1 1/4 inch wide by 15 feet long. The rolls of tape are individually packaged in cello with a hole for peg display. Packing 120pcs/case. 

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Our Company has negotiated favorable freight rates with UPS 'Door to Door' airfreight service.  For smaller orders it is normally cost effective to ship using this service with delivery time in 3~5 days directly to your business.  If you will give us your anticipated quantity by fax or email that you are considering ordering we will get back to you with the cost of shipping. On large orders sea container to your nearest port will probably be the least expensive way to ship.  Sea freight costs are sensitive to the location of the seaport and to the quantity ordered.  Upon request we will obtain an estimate of this cost based on your projected quantities and nearest seaport. 

Please feel free to contact us by email or fax if you have any questions or special requirements.  We will try our best to find a solution to your requirements and hope that in the end we can earn your business.


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